While working a contract job at Wells Fargo, I met this guy named Gary. Gary was talented (even designed this logo and heifer to the left). 

Gary also made ice cream, homemade ice with flavors other than vanilla and chocolate. We talked, dreamed, came up with new flavors. It was fun!

An ice cream maker given as a Christmas present shortly after, pushed this love to another level. This turned into a family endevor with our girl’s (Laine, Claire and Anna) coming up with different flavors and we experimented a lot. Linette came up with the name and makes many of the homemade ingredients for the ice cream.

A logo, website and branding in 2020 followed. The love of making ice cream, creating new flavors, and putting smiles on people’s faces, keeps this passion flowing.

I’m Scott Nyberg and this is the Pudgy Udder Ice Cream Co. What flavor will put a smile on your face? To order online, click the Order Now button below or if you have an event contact me directly. We’ll get the smiles flowing with ice cream that is udderly delicious!

Want something custom? Just ask.

Scott Nyberg



For a balanced diet, you should have a quart of Pudgy Udder Ice Cream in each hand!

Dairy: $12.00/q or $7.00/p

Non-Dairy: $15.00/q or $9.00/p

Cup sizes by request

Non-dairy Gluten Free : Please make a special request.